We wish to share with you our Darlings!

On our website you can find some wonderful, pretty and amazing kittens that have filled our house though it used to be quite empty at one time. Now there’s plenty of life, most sensitive feelings and concern for our “babies” – that’s what we call them .

reward our purebred cats

Our passion began when we took care of many worthy, ordinary cats, who we gave lots of care and loving, but received their unique, cheerful company in return.
The next step for us is this experience in pedigree cats cattery and increasing satisfaction, especially that youngs appeared – charming kittens, who we are willing to hand over to good people. Those kittens are not only marry, but also beauteous. And that has already been valued with medals and cups granted by judges on cats exhibitions.

We invite you to continue exploring our website and in case of any questions please contact us – we are willing to answer anything regarding our cattery.